We have a set of guidelines for all our customers called The Pirate Way. It's all about community, where you and your fellow Pirates are crucial to the smooth running of your studios and are the custodians of our values:

  • Leave your studio on time for the next set of Pirates.
  • Leave the studio clean and tidy - and how you would like to find it.
  • Be courteous to other Pirates - you're a great bunch!  Be the envy of everyone.
  • Leave communal areas, toilets and kitchens clean and tidy too.
  • If you can change a skin on a broken drum, then brill.  You've helped the next Pirate.
  • Things do break from time to time, so please call us and we'll get you a spare pronto.  Then just leave some broken tape on the item and we'll sort the next day.
  • If things aren't right, always feedback to us.  Only when we know, can we do something about it, this keeps the studios spinning for everyone!