Please note:  Two PDF Production Manuals are attached

I haven’t recorded anything or used any recording software before, is this room suitable for me?

As there isn’t anyone on-site to teach you how to use your computer and chosen software we highly recommend that you get yourself proficient prior to using our Production Studios. The setup is simple so if you have been using your software (Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools etc) at home then you will easily learn how to use our studios. 

Please note you can not use a Chromebook with our recording interface, the Focusrite control.

I’m not getting any sound out of the speakers?

  • Have you turned on 4-way extension cable to the right-hand side of the desk?
  • Are the speakers turned on? The KRK LED’s should be lit in white on the front panel.
  • Is the Interface turned on? - Are the speakers connected to the Interface?
  • There should be a male XLR to Jack running from the rear of speakers to the line outputs 1 & 2 of the Interface.
  • Have you downloaded the Focusrite Control software?

I’m not getting any sound out of the Headphones? 

  • Are the headphones plugged into the headphone socket at front of Interface?
  • Is the mute button engaged?
  • Is the Headphone volume turned up?
  • Have you downloaded the Focusrite Control software and followed the installation and setup guidelines?

I can’t get any sound out of the Microphone? 

  • Is the Microphone connected (via an XLR cable) to either input 1 or 2 of the Interface?
  • Is the Input gain on either input 1 or 2 turned up?
  • The SE Electronics Microphone is a condenser mic that requires ‘phantom power’. Please make sure that the ‘48v’ button is engaged on the front panel of the interface.
  • Have you selected and recorded armed a track/channel on your DAW?
  • Is the DB level on the microphone set to "0db"?

Need further help? Contact us on Live Chat via the website, where we will be more than happy to help you.