Discounts and promotional codes

Modified on: Thu, 29 Apr, 2021 at 6:09 PM

Promo codes

  • At PIRATE.COM, we run periodic promotions and sales. You can receive promotions by signing up for an account, following us on socials, or various other reasons.
  • Most promotions are applied by a code, which you use at checkout. Simply type it in the box and select the APPLY button (see below)
  • Please note that sales, promotions, and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other deal or stacked, so the highest discount should be used.

Refer-a-friend code for new customers

  • If you are a new customer and have been given a sign-up or referral code then this will need to be entered on the sign-up form only (see below). 
  • Sorry, we can't manually apply it after you've created an account!

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