Can I hire extra equipment?

Modified on: Wed, 8 Sep, 2021 at 4:02 PM

Is it possible to hire extra equipment?

Unfortunately, due to repeated issues with the damage and misplacement of equipment, we can no longer offer a guaranteed keyboard hire service. Keyboards and stands should still be available in spares, so please message us on WhatsApp or Live Chat when you arrive at your session for access.

If a keyboard is essential for your session please book a room that comes with one as standard or bring your own to the session to avoid disappointment.

Good to know

We don't hire out condenser microphones, interfaces or extra CDJs. However, you can book a three-deck CDJ setup in selected locations.

If you need extra items such as cymbals, audio cables, USB cables, music stands, drumsticks, dynamic mics etc. you can only request access to the Spares room on the same day of your session, as we can't reserve them in advance. All items are subject to availability.

Please only take what you have hired (so there's enough to go round for everyone) and that you return it to the Spares cupboard when you have finished. If the item is broken, please let us know via Live Chat.

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If not, you can hit us up on live chat ( or WhatsApp (works for all countries). We're around 24/7.

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