Ensuring the PA is set up correctly is key to a smooth-running session. Try these steps if you don't have sound:

  1. Check the speakers are ON. Check that the Kettle lead is plugged into the back of the speaker and turn it on via the switch above. A green light will confirm the speaker is on.
  2. Check the mixer is ON. Look to see that the power lead is connected into the Mackie/Alto mixer and that the power is on at the mains. Greenlight will confirm when the mixer is on.
  3. Check the speakers are connected, either directly into the mixing desk ‘Main Outs’ or are linked to the patches in the corners of the room.
  4. Check the gain on the back of the speakers. Set the gain level on the back of the speaker to about 12 o’clock and leave it at this set level (adjust future levels via the mixer).