Things to check first

  • Check leads (jack to jack) These can be tested by touching the end of the lead with their thumb and hearing a sound in the amp
  • Is the mute button on?
  • Check the guitar! Is the guitar battery working if applicable?
  • Is the pedal power supply working?
  • Bypass the pedals/pedalboard to test the amp directly from the guitar

Start from the beginning

  • Ensure all dials are set to zero and power is on 
  • Slowly turn up all dials to 1/4 way, then play the guitar
  • Turn off overdrive and go ‘clean’.
  • Turn dials to halfway and play the instrument
  • Try to play music through the amp from a phone (3.5mm jack to ¼ jack or 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack lead)
  • If there is a ‘rasping’ sound, the speaker cone is broken

If you're still having issues, please hit us up on Live Chat via the website.