For more detail, please find attached a PDF document.

OK, let's check those Pioneer speakers:

  • The EQ mode should be set to Flat.  The Master level set to 12 o’clock ⇡.  The input level also set to 12 o’clock ⇡
  • The XLR cable is inserted correctly.
  • Check the speakers have power.  The kettle lead is inserted correctly and that the small switch is on.  The rear of the speaker will have lights (normally green) illuminated.  The switch is on at the wall.

The rear of the mixer and CDJs:

  • Check the speaker cables are inserted correctly into the MASTER1 ports on the rear of the DJM mixer.
  • Ensure the red and white phono cables are inserted correctly in each CDJ.
  • And the phono cables are connected to the CD/LINE inputs on the mixer for each CDJ.

The front of the mixer:

  • We will use Channel 4 as the example here, though the set up applies to any channel you are using.
  • Check the MASTER LEVEL is set to 12 o’clock ⇡
  • Check the top dial is set to LINE.
  • Check the Trim level is set to 12 o’clock ⇡
  • The EQ and COLOR dials are all set to 12 o’clock ⇡
  • The balance is set at 12 o’clock ⇡
  • The channel fader is pushed up a few bars/halfway
  • The crossfader switch is set to the middle
  • The main crossfader is in the middle

If there are still problems, we can replace the XLR cables from Spares.  You can use either XLR to XLR or XLR to Jack (6m versions). Hit us up on Live Chat via the website, where we will be more than happy to help you.