Setting up the stream

  • When you arrive at your studio and are ready to stream you'll need to ‘go-live’ — do this by visiting on the web browser of your phone
  • Next, sync your Facebook account to the streaming tablet via a unique code. Once this code has been typed into your phone, you're all set! The page for the code should look something like this:

  • The screen on the tablet should look like the image below if Live Streaming is available in the studio that you have booked.

  • Next, decide who you want to show your stream to by changing the privacy settings of the feed via your phone. You can opt to stream privately, to some friends, or you can show the world your mix.
  • Once everything is synced, select preview stream & go live via the tablet and it will start broadcasting. (There may be up to a 10-second broadcast delay which is perfectly normal). 
  • Preview the stream via the pop-up window — this can take up to a minute. The stream preview should look like this:

  • Your stream is now live. Within a few seconds, you’ll see the live stream on the tablet and your Facebook feed.

Ending the stream

  • Locate your stream and click on the button in the right-hand corner
  • Select edit video from the drop-down menu
  • Another screen with the stream opens, to end it, select end live video

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