When you book a DJ room, you can record your session for free (beta testing only).

How it works

  • Book your session as normal and enter the studio. You don't need to book live streaming or recording — it's ready for you when you arrive if you'd like to use it.
  • On the tablet, select your preferred option to get started: stream now or record now, or simply learn more about the services.


If you select the tell me more button on Record/Stream, you will see these instructions:

  1. Follow the simple set up process to make sure it’s plugged in.

  2. Use the Record/Stop icon to start and stop recording.

  3. Download your recordings from pirate.live after your session.

  4. Share your mixes with the world!

Check you're plugged in

  • This is a crucial step in the process — check that the RCA cable labelled in orange is correctly plugged into the ‘Rec Out’ at the back of the Mixer.
  • If this cable isn’t plugged in correctly then the recording will not get any audio.

You can tap on the record icon to start recording.  There is a display at the bottom to show how many recordings you have successfully completed for this booking.

This page will load automatically once you have selected tap to record.

The recording will start shortly, usually taking a few seconds.

Note: The session will not have started recording at this point.

You can tap the icon above STOP to stop the recording. You'll return to the Start Recording Screen.

At the end of your session and recording, please give us some feedback on the beta trial.

Access your recordings

Simply log in to your account and visit https://pirate.com/en/recordings/downloads