You can find out what equipment is listed in each studio by selecting more Info on the book a studio page of the website. Below are examples of our studio types, these are from our London Wembley studio:


- Rehearsal

- DJ (two CDJs)

- Pro DJ (three CDJs)

- Dance

- Podcast

- Recording

Although we do our best to keep equipment in rooms as listed, we sometimes need to replace broken equipment with different makes or models.

Examples of equipment

Rehearsal: Marshall, Mapex, Natal, Ashdown, Fender, Kawai, Pioneer, Yamaha, Roland, Boss Katana, Stagg, Alto, Proel, Zildijan

DJ: Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2, Pioneer DJM900NXS2, Pioneer XPRS Speakers

Recording: Focusrite Clarett 4pre USB, Beyerdynamics DT-770, KRK V6 S4, Yamaha HS8, SE2200 Mic, Novation Impulse 61, Aston

Podcast: Rodecaster Pro, Rode Procaster Mics, KRK Headphones

Dance: Pioneer XPRS Speakers, Denon 300z Media Player, Alto