Using the sound controller in your dance studio is easy:

  1. Plugin your phone 
  2. Push the source button so it goes to A or B
  3. Turn the volume up to a comfortable level


Pressing the mono switch combines the stereo signal into a monophonic signal at the monitor outputs.


Engaging the mute switch (almost) provides the same result as turning the volume knob all the way down.


Pressing this button turns down the signal going to the monitor outputs by 20 dB. This allows you to essentially “turn down” the speakers to converse without affecting the speaker level.

Troubleshooting — no sound

  • Is the signal source turned up? Make sure the volume from your device is high enough to produce sound
  • Is the volume control turned up? 
  • Are the source and monitor select switches in their correct positions? 
  • Is the mute switch engaged? 

Troubleshooting — bad sound

  • Are the input and output connectors plugged completely into the jacks? Plug them all the way in
  • Is the sound loud and distorted? Reduce the volume level at the source(s)