Los Angeles, West Adams

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4713 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016

The studio entrance is at the rear of the building through the parking lot.

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Getting there: 

  • The studios are next to Expo/La Brea and the Farmdale Metro E line stops. Local buses include the 38. For more details visit metro.net 
  • There are easy links to the University of Southern California, only 10 minutes from Pirate's West Adams studios.

Car parking:

The parking lot is accessed from the lane off of Vineyard Ave.  As you turn into Vineyard, it's the first right after about 30 yards.


The site is fully WC-accessible with a street-level entrance and ground-floor studios.

Studio 24 at West Adams has been specifically-designed for accessible use. Book now and enjoy first-class DJ practice equipment with additional features, including:

  • Wide access to the DJ desk
  • 15-degree angled equipment
  • Flat surfaces on either side
  • Knee clearance for comfortable chair positioning
  • Power sockets at front of desk

Fast and free wifi


Not currently available

Available studio types

  • Rehearsal 
  • Production (please bring your own USB C cable and USB Hub) 
  • DJ 
  • Podcast

360° studio tour


  • Spares 
  • Restrooms 
  • Common area 
  • Free tea and coffee 
  • Foam earplugs 

Read more about the studio.


Check out our West Adams studios on Yelp, then check in using the app during your session.

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