156, 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA


Getting there 

  • Gowanus is known for being extremely walkable. Cycling in the area is also easy, we have a bike store on site.
  • Smith-9th Streets: F, G
  • 9 Street Station: D, N, R, W
  • 4 Av: F, G
  • Visit the MTA for more information

Accessibility ♿

  • Level main and studio entrances

  • Accessible WC

  • Podcast studios are on the 2nd floor via a staircase

Fast and free wifi

Network name: Pirate

No password required

Not currently available

Available studio types 

35 studios, including:

  • Rehearsal 

  • Production (please bring your own USB C cable and USB Hub) 

  • DJ 

  • Podcast

360° studio tour


  • Spares 

  • Toilets 

  • Communal area

  • Foam earplugs 

  • Bike store

  • Lost property

Read more about the studio and the local area.