Recording: How to set up the interface

Modified on: Thu, 3 Jun, 2021 at 12:38 PM

Please follow these quick instructions to set up the interface correctly.

1) Make sure the power button has been enabled on the back of the interface. Then make sure you've successfully turned the power on by checking the power light on the front of the interface. 

2) If you're still not getting power to the interface, please make sure you have the power cable plugged into the 12V DC input at the bottom left of the interface. Make sure that the power cable is plugged into a plug socket and the socket has been switched on. 

3) Now we need to check if the speakers/monitors have been plugged in correctly. Make sure the cables from the speakers are plugged into line outputs 1 + 2 on the back of the interface. This will connect the speakers to the interface.

4) Now we need to check the USB-C cable is plugged in correctly from the interface to your laptop. Please make sure you've got the correct cable inserted (if there are multiple USB cables cable tied together). 

This should then enable the USB-C light at the front of the interface. If plugged in correctly, you should now have 3 green lights on the right of the interface as seen below. 

If you're still having issues and the green USB-C light isn't enabled, this will be down to a faulty USB-C cable. If so, please message us on our Pirate Live Chat or WhatsApp to receive a code for our spares cupboard. We should have several spare USB-C cables there. Here's the WhatsApp number to add to your contacts +447596187954.

So that's the back of the interface sorted. Now we need to make sure the front of the interface is set up correctly. 

5) Let's sort out Channel 1 on the left side of the interface. Firstly, we need to check that the XLR cable is plugged into the Channel 1 input as seen below. Please follow the XLR cable as the other end needs to be plugged into the condenser microphone. 

6) Then we need to engage the 48V button enabling the red light. This will engage the phantom power for the condenser microphone. Now, if you clap, you should be receiving signal (a green light) into Channel 1 around the dial as seen below. Please make sure you haven't got the gain dial on Channel 1 pointing at 0, you will not receive any audio into your recording software (the dial pointing at 12 o'clock is a good starting point).

7) Now we need to make sure the monitor dial is turned up! This dial controls the volume of the monitors/speakers. 

8) Lastly, if you're getting audio from the speakers/monitors but not the headphones, we need to check that the headphones have been plugged into the correct input on the front right side of the interface (as seen below). Then we need to check that the volume dial has been turned up on each of the headphones. 

This is how to correctly set up the interface! 

If you're still having issues, please make sure you've assigned the Focusrite Claret 4PRE USB as your input and output on your recording software and your laptop.

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