Recording: Set up for Studio 18 at Earlsfield

Modified on: Thu, 3 Jun, 2021 at 2:59 PM

Setting up Studio 18 at London's Earlsfield studio can be difficult, so we've prepared a quick guide.

1) In the vocal booth, the microphone needs to be plugged into input 2 on the patch bay. Then in the control room, you need to plug the XLR cable with the number 2 on it into the first port on the interface. Then you need to engage the 48v button and turn up the gain.

2) The headphones in the vocal booth need to be plugged into input 'C'.

3) For the talkback mic to work, you need to plug that into the second input on the interface, open up another audio channel on your recording software and that should work.

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