Here's how to quickly set up mic and headphones in Room 9 in Cheetham Hill/Ancoats. First, connect the USB cable from the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface directly into your laptop, avoiding USB hubs. Make sure your laptop recognises the Scarlett and set it as your Input/Output device, on its Audio settings.


  1. In the big live room, plug the headphones into port 17 labelled "HP OUT". This multi port will go through the wall and into the control room, as part of a 'snake' of cables.

  2. In the control room, look for cable 17 off the 'snake' of cables behind the desk and plug it into the first headphone port of the top Focusrite Scarlett interface. Use the volume knob on top to control its volume later.
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  1. In the Live room, the XLR cable from the mic needs to be plugged into Port 14 on the patch bay box.

  2. In the control room, there will be a 'snake' of cables coming through the wall behind the desk, with numbered cables. Plug cable 14 into Input 1 on the Focusrite Scarlett Interface.

  3. Finally, set up a mic track on your DAW choosing Input 1 as the source and you're good to go.