Which studio type should I book? Which studio type should I book?

Which studio type should I book?


Choosing the Right Room Type at Pirate Studios

At Pirate Studios, we offer various room types tailored to different purposes. Selecting the ideal room type ensures a productive and enjoyable experience. Here's a breakdown of each room type and its recommended uses:

Podcast Room

  • Best For: Recording podcasts using up to 4 microphones, creating audio books.
  • Not Recommended For: Recording music.
  • Usage Notes: This room is optimised for high-quality spoken word recordings, ideal for podcasters and audiobook creators. It accommodates multiple microphones for group discussions or interviews.

Recording Room

  • Best For: Recording vocals, production work, mixing, providing a quiet space for track creation, recording voiceover work, recording audiobooks.
  • Not Recommended For: Recording full bands, drums.
  • Usage Notes: Designed for individual or small group recordings, this room ensures a controlled, quiet environment for vocals and music production.

Rehearsal Room

  • Best For: Band rehearsals, solo drum or music practice, practicing singing to backing tracks.
  • Not Recommended For: Recording (unless using personal recording equipment).
  • Usage Notes: Perfect for band rehearsals or individual practice sessions. While it's not primarily for recording, you can bring your recording gear to capture your rehearsal sessions.

DJ Room

  • Best For: DJ practice, small group DJ sessions (max 5 people), learning or teaching DJ skills, recording DJ sets.
  • Not Recommended For: Recording vocals.
  • Usage Notes: Tailored for DJs to practice and hone their skills, accommodating small groups for teaching or collaborative sessions. Recording DJ sets is welcome.

Dance Room

  • Best For: Dance practice, lessons, or classes.
  • Usage Notes: Specifically designed for dance practice or classes, this room offers ample space for movement and activities. Please avoid outdoor shoes to maintain the space.