Recording Lite: Speakers/Mic/Headphones Issues Recording Lite: Speakers/Mic/Headphones Issues

Recording Lite: Speakers/Mic/Headphones Issues


Here are common problems and their respective solutions when using a Recording Lite room, which comes with the Arturia Minifuse interface:


Interface not powered on or not recognised by laptop

Problem: The interface shows no lights and isn't recognised by the laptop.


  • There are 2 USB cables at the back of the interface: USB C to C and USB A to C. You should use either to connect, depending on the USB port on your laptop. 
    Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 09.01.16.pngScreenshot 2024-01-29 at 09.00.35.png

  • Follow the USB cable from the laptop and confirm it's the same one that connects securely to the back of the interface into the USB C port, with the "laptop" icon. IMPORTANT: Do not use the USB A port named "HUB" as that is only to power external USB devices. If there is a USB A to C cable attached to this "HUB" port, it probably is the one you're looking for to connect your laptop, however it must be swapped round and plugged into the laptop port instead.
    Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 16.25.11.png

Mic Not Functioning Properly

Problem: The mic isn't working or picking up sound.


  • Check if the mic is connected to the front of the interface.
  • Engage the 48V button on the interface's front to power the mic.
  • Turn up the gain dial on Input 1 of the interface.
  • Ensure the DAW has a mic track set up with Arturia Input 1 selected.
  • Check all 3 switches on the mic are set to central positions (db level on 0db).
  • Use only the front side of the mic.
  • Test the mic using the 'direct monitor' button; if it works, it's likely a DAW setup issue; if not, it might be a cable/setup problem.

Speaker Issues

Problem: Speakers are not functioning.


  • Check if the yellow speaker cables are connected to the speaker outputs on the back of the interface.
  • Verify that the speakers have power (lights on the front).
  • Turn up the monitor dial.
  • Confirm the laptop's sound output source is set to the 'Arturia' device - both on your Mac/PC sound settings and on your DAW Audio preferences.

Headphones Not Working

Problem: Headphones aren't producing sound.


  • Check that the headphones are connected to the headphone port on the front of the Arturia interface.
  • Ensure the headphone volume dial on the interface is turned up.