Our Ridgewood, New York site has an electrical connection to the fire alarm that will trip if activated. That means if someone breaks a house rule and smokes in their room, it could trip the fire alarm and power the whole site down! Not cool. 

In the event someone has to reset the breaker, here are the instructions: 


1. Enter Storage A (next to room 15 / code will be issued by the support team)
2. Retrieve key labelled ELECTRICAL from the key box (code for key box will come from the support team)
3. Enter electrical room, to the right of Storage A, between rooms 16 and 17
4. Go to Circuit box on the right as you enter room (Pictured, open)



5. Flip switch on the bottom, down, then up. Once done properly, should look like this…




This should resolve it and the rooms should power back up.