Before you head down to the studios, have a quick read over the information below to make the most of your booking.

What to bring

You can bring your tracks/songs in any of these formats:

  • USB drive. Make sure your USB stick is formatted in FAT32, and don't forget to process the tracks through Rekordbox beforehand. Get more info on formatting your USB here.
  • A laptop. You'll need to bring any cables you need to connect it to the CDJs e.g. USB A to B or USB C to B and a USB hub. Get more info on connecting your laptop and what you'll need here
  • CDs. Take it old school.
  • Back-ups. It’s always worth bringing a backup copy of your music just in case.

Are you in a DJ Zero room? Bring your own decks/mixer or controller and laptop. More info.


You'll also need

  • Headphones. A wired pair of headphones with a 3.5mm or quarter-inch jack to plug into the mixer — we don't provide headphones in the studios.

Before your visit

  • Use Pioneer's free Rekordbox software to prepare your tracks in advance, allowing you to make full use of the CDJs.
  • Check out the wealth of info in our FAQs about the DJ studios and how to get set up ahead of your visit

NOTE: If you need advice about how to get started as a DJ, some expert tips on setting up and using the equipment or any other information around our DJ studios, please check out our blog section at our website

Do you need more help with this?

  • You can contact us via WhatsApp or via Live chat, just tap the chat icon to connect. 
  • If you're in the USA you can also send us an SMS at +1 (866) 606-0065
  • Our support team is available 24/7.