Here are some ways to record your DJ set from our studios. 



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If your studio is CAPTURE.AUDIO enabled, this is the easiest way to record your mix. CAPTURE.AUDIO doesn't require you to bring any extra cables or hardware - just bring your phone, connect to PIRATE WiFi and follow the link we send to you and you'll be ready to record your set. After your booking you can find your recordings in your PIRATE account. 

You can learn more about CAPTURE.AUDIO on PIRATE.COM, and use our handy help article for instructions on how to use it.


Other methods: 

If CAPTURE.AUDIO isn't available in your studio, there are other methods you can use. These will require extra equipment, so please make sure to bring any extra cables/gear with you, as we may not supply it in the Spares cupboards on site.

Pioneer iPhone App - DJM REC


The next best alternative to CAPTURE.AUDIO that we would recommend for a stress-free set-up, is to use the Pioneer DJM-REC app on your iPhone. 

Visit the Pioneer website for more information and instructions on how to get set up using this app with the equipment in our studios. 

Here's an overview of the Pioneer Rec app:



Recording onto a DAW on your laptop

This option is more complicated, as everyone's set-up is different, i.e. different laptops, recording software, etc. However, using the USB port on the DJM900NXS2, you are able to connect to your laptop, and record onto a DAW such as AbletonAudacity, or another programme.

You will need to download the Pioneer drivers for your laptop before using this technique. 

Here is a useful video on how to use this recording technique:



Do you need more help with this?

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