We've tidied up the names of our studios to make it easier for you to know what you're booking. The equipment and rooms remain the same; the only thing that's changed is what we call them. All capacity is listed on book.pirate.com next to the person icon — this is the maximum number of people that can be in a session at once.



  • Standard (2 CDJ decks)
  • Pro (3 CDJ decks)
  • Zero (No decks or mixer)


  • Lite (production/demo focus)
  • Standard (good for writing)
  • Pro (comes with a vocal booth)
  • Pro+ (better equipment, 34" ultrawide monitor)


  • Lite (no amps, drums come with cymbals everywhere)
  • Standard (bring your own cymbals in the UK/IE/US)
  • Standard+ (drums come with cymbals if you ar in the US - if you're in the UK you will need to bring your own!)
  • Pro (drums come with cymbals everywhere)
  • Showcase (drums come with cymbals everywhere)


  • Standard (bring your own MicroSD card)


  • Pro

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  • Our support team is available 24/7.