We want everyone in the Pirate community to have the best possible experience using our studios. We place a lot of trust in you, so follow these simple rules to help us create a safer creative environment:

  • Only bring people to the studio that you'd invite to your home. You take full responsibility for the room, its contents and the people you allow in during your booking.
  • Pirate is a smoke-free venue. No smoking or vaping anywhere inside the studios. We'll charge you if anyone in your session breaks this rule. This charge increases if a fire alarm is activated.
  • Close the doors. Keep doors closed to reduce sound bleed and respect other creatives in the studios.
  • Pirate has a zero-tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found to be using drugs, or illegal substances will be banned. Our security team monitors our CCTV 24/7.
  • Keep a dry zone around the equipment. Drinks and equipment don't mix. If there are any spills, clean them up straight away. You can find paper towels in the kitchen.
  • Turn off the AC. Remember to turn off the air-con or heater before you leave. Climate change is real.
  • Be a considerate Pirate. At the end of your session, place all litter in the bins provided and reset the studio equipment. When leaving the studios in the evening, please respect our neighbours by staying quiet.
  • Report any issues ASAP. If anything breaks during your session, please let us know via live chat at support.pirate.com or WhatsApp. We carry spares on site so you can get back to playing again straight away.

If you have any questions about the above, or you are looking for more information, here's the full list of our Terms and Conditions.




PIRATE.COM considers the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances unsafe and counterproductive to maintaining a welcoming environment. 


Alcohol — UK

Alcohol is subject to fair use policy in the UK, and excessive drinking will be dealt with under our Terms and Conditions Clause 14. For this policy's purposes, premises are defined as the building, including its studios and hallways, as well as surrounding sidewalks and exterior areas. PIRATE.COM considers this policy to be an essential and material condition to our agreement, meant to protect the well-being and safety of our guests, and we thank you for your understanding.


Alcohol — US

Due to differing laws at our US studios, alcohol is strictly prohibited and cannot be brought onto the site under any circumstance. 


Drugs — everywhere

The PIRATE.COM policy states that the possession, consumption, and sale of illegal drugs on any of our premises are strictly prohibited. This includes NOS.



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