If you're filming or having a photo-shoot at PIRATE.COM — whether for personal or professional use — please let us know! This helps the shoot go smoother for everybody. 



If you're shooting for yourself (personal YouTube, Facebook, student films etc.), we don't charge a filming fee, but you need to book as normal and fill in our personal use form.

  • Unfortunately, we can't allow more than the maximum number of people per studio in attendance (check the booking page for the latest capacity numbers).
  • You'll also need liability insurance if you are bringing extra equipment outside of the norm. This includes lights that are not LED as they are a fire hazard.
  • Please note we do NOT allow the use of smoke machines due to our sensitive fire alarm systems. Setting off the fire alarm will incur a charge. 



If you'd like to use one of our studios or sites for corporate use or broadcast (media, agencies, paid work), please fill out our corporate use form

  • The rate of hiring the studios will differ from the rate listed on the website — £100 +VAT per hour. Once submitted, one of our team will contact you to make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Please note, to film at PIRATE.COM you'll require public liability insurance and a risk assessment. These can be sent to support@pirate.com


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If not, you can send us a message via WhatsApp. Or, head to support.pirate.com and tap the chat icon to connect. We're around 24/7.