Can I film in pirate studios? While our spaces are primarily designed as music studios, we also welcome those looking to bring their filming projects to life. Whether it's for college projects, music videos, DIY films, or larger productions we're excited to support your creative vision!

If you're filming or having a photo-shoot at PIRATE.COM — whether for personal or professional use — please let us know! This helps the shoot go smoother for everybody. 



If you're shooting for yourself (personal YouTube, Facebook, student films etc.), we don't charge a filming fee, but you need to book as normal and fill in our personal use form.

  • Unfortunately, we can't allow more than the maximum number of people per studio in attendance (check the booking page for the latest capacity numbers).
  • You'll also need liability insurance if you are bringing extra equipment outside of the norm. This includes lights that are not LED as they are a fire hazard.
  • Please note we do NOT allow the use of smoke machines due to our sensitive fire alarm systems. Setting off the fire alarm will incur a charge. 


If you'd like to use one of our studios or sites for corporate use or broadcast (media, agencies, paid work), please fill out our corporate use form

  • The rate of hiring the studios will differ from the rate listed on the website — £100 +VAT per hour. Once submitted, one of our team will contact you to make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Please note, to film at PIRATE.COM you'll require public liability insurance and a risk assessment. These can be sent to

Remember that, regardless of the type of filming you're doing, you are never allowed to use smoke machines, as they will trigger the fire alarm and this will incur a charge.



Personal use: Form here
Corporate user: Form here


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