How we get in touch

  • We may reach out with a friendly warning text during your session if you forget to close your door or your drinks are too close to the decks.
  • After your session, we will reach out via email if there have been any breaches of House Rules or Terms and Conditions.


Account suspensions

  • We now have a new account suspension procedure in place. Everybody is given a second chance. Exceptions to this are fraud, violence, theft, criminal damage, threatening behaviour towards staff or other customers.
  • If any of our rules are breached, customers are placed onto a watchlist. If any further offences occur, your account may become permanently suspended.



  • You can appeal a fine within 14 days if you feel that there has been a mistake by emailing
  • Full suspensions cannot be appealed. 



  • CCTV is there primarily to protect customers and our equipment. It is monitored 24 hours a day by our control room.
  • Please do not touch any CCTV or smoke detection devices; they are there for your protection (and tampering will incur a fine).