These studio dimension measurements are for guidelines only. Studios can vary by location and type of build. Sizes are approximate. All capacity is listed on next to the person icon — this is the maximum number of people that can be in a session at once.

  • Rehearsal Lite: From 100 to 130 sq. ft
  • Rehearsal Standard: From 100 to 130 sq. ft 
  • Rehearsal Standard+: 215 sq. ft 
  • Rehearsal Pro: between 215 to 300 sq. ft 
  • Rehearsal Showcase: 395 sq. ft 
  • DJ Standard or DJ Pro: From 65 to 130 sq. ft
  • Recording Standard or Recording Pro: From 65 to 175 sq. ft 
  • Video Editing Standard: From 65 to 175 sq. ft
  • Podcast Standard: 110 sq. ft 
  • Dance Pro: 580 sq. ft 

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