If you think one of our guitar amplifiers might be broken or not working, please check through all of the following, for bass amp issues please see here instead

Guitar amp isn't making any sound

If the amp has power but you are struggling to get it to work, please try the following:

  1. Ensure all dials are set to zero and power is on

  2. Bypass your pedalboard and connect your guitar directly to the amp to test - if it works then the issue is with one of your cables/pedals

  3. Make sure the distortion channel is off and the amp set to ‘clean’. Check this on the external footswitch, too (when applicable).

  4. Turn up the (Input) Gain and the (Output) Volume/Master knobs halfway through. You should now have sound.

  5. If no luck, it is possible that the amp head at the back isn't fully connected to the cab. Follow along the speaker cable - from the cabinet, it should connect to the Speaker port of the amp head.

Still no sound?

  • The Marshall amp heads are digital and can be reset by setting ALL dials down to zero on the front of the amp, then slowly bring up the ones you need again.
  • Double check that cable linking the head to the cab - make sure that the speaker cable is plugged into the ‘Speaker/Loudspeakers’ output ports on the amp, not send/return. If there is a second Speaker port, try that one instead.
  • Try using another instrument cable direct into the front of the amp 
  • If you are using your pedalboard, ensure that all your pedals are interconnected and powered correctly

  • Test your guitar set up direct into another amp or the mixer 

Guitar amp won't power on?

If the amp won't turn on, please check the following:

  • Check the back of the amp, is it connected to power correctly? 
  • If it's connected to the power but not turning on, try in another power outlet
  • Test it with a power cable from one of the other amps in the room 

Is the amp crackling when turning the knobs up or down? 

This may just be some dust buildup. Hit us up on live chat at support.pirate.com so we can report this to our site tech, who’ll be able to clean up the dials when on site.

Is the speaker making a rattling or feedback noise? 

Try a different guitar cable or check it’s properly attached to both your guitar and amp. Do the same with the speaker cable at the amp and cabinet’s back (when applicable). Make sure that the Input Gain and Master output knobs are set to reasonable levels. 

Is the amp still silent? 

  • Check that the Mute button is off. On some amps, it's a switch in the back. Also labeled as 'Standby.'

  • Make sure that both the speaker or speakon cable are fully inserted into the back of the head and cabinet - they look chunkier than a standard jack cable

    Guitar head and Cab rear view.jpg.     

Do you need more help with this?

  • You can contact us via WhatsApp or via Live chat, just tap the chat icon to connect. 
  • Our support team is available 24/7.