If you are experiencing any issues with the CDJs, then a hard reset will most likely resolve the issue. Here's how to reset both a CDJ-2000NXS2 and a CDJ-3000

To reset any CDJ-2000NXS2 back to its factory settings, removing any glitches or presets, please perform the following:

  • Remove your USB device/CD/USB cables
  • Switch the CDJ off using the power button at the back of the unit
  • Hold down the USB Stop button, the Disc Eject button, and the Power button, until you get a message on the screen stating that the settings have been restored to factory defaults
  • Let go of all 3 buttons, then switch the unit off and on again

Here's a 1-minute video showing you how to do the above:


To reset a CDJ-3000 back to its factory settings, please perform the following:

  • With the CDJ powered ON, press and hold the MENU button
  • Tap SYSTEM on the left
  • Tap DEFAULT on the right
  • Then tap OK at the far right


However, if you're still experiencing any issues with the equipment, please head to support.pirate.com and tap the chat icon to connect, or drop us a message on WhatsApp