IMPORTANT: Despite the name, CDJ 3000 do not have a slot for CDs, so you cannot play music from CD in a room with 3000 decks. You can only play music on the through a USB stick or a laptop and the relative cables, as explained on here.


Here’s how to begin using the CDJ-3000s during your Pirate DJ studio booking:

  1. Ensure all Pioneer units are turned on and ready for use*

    1. CDJ-3000: Power on/off button at the left-hand side of the rear panel

    2. DJM2000 mixer: Power on/off button at the left-hand side of the rear panel

    3. XPRS10 speakers: Power on/off button at bottom of the rear panel

  1. Perform a factory reset: this ensures that no software errors or preferences from the previous user are present whilst in use.

    1. Press the [UTILITY] button to the bottom-left of the Touch Display

    2. Press [SYSTEMS]

    3. Press [DEFAULT]

  1. Insert your music storage device into one of the CDJ units

    1. USB: via the USB port in the top right-hand corner of the front panel

    2. SD Card: via the SD Card port in the top right-hand corner of the front panel

    3. PC/Mac: via USB cable from your laptop to the USB port in the rear panel (check out our handy CDJ-3000 laptop connectivity guide here)

  1. Select your music using the Touch Display:

    1. Press the [SOURCE] button to select your source destination (USB, SD etc.)

    2. Press the [BROWSE], [TAG LIST], [PLAYLIST], or [SEARCH] button to display the browse screen (track list).

    3. Press the play button at the bottom left-hand corner of the front panel

You will be ready to start mixing once you have completed these steps.


*The studio’s power source is automatically enabled before, during, and shortly after your booking. If you’ve entered your studio and there is no active power, please contact Customer Support via live chat at — they will be able to assist you immediately.

Here’s a quick overview of the CDJ-3000’s newest features:

  • Key Sync and Key Shift features to ensure all mixes are harmonic

  • A much bigger, much brighter 9" touch display

  • Lightning-fast load times with a brand new processor unit

  • Eight Hot Cue points

  • A smoother, redesigned jogwheel with an LCD screen displaying artwork in the middle

Key Sync

You can adjust the key of a track being played on the unit to match with the key of a track loaded on the sync master. To use key sync:


Press the [KEY SYNC] button when a track is loaded.

The key is adjusted to the key with the least change among the following.

  • Same key

  • Dominant key

  • Subdominant key

  • Relative key

  • Relative key of the dominant key

  • Relative key of subdominant key

Press the [KEY SYNC] or [MASTER TEMPO] button to reset to the original key.


Key Shift

You can shift the key of a track. To use Key Shift:


  1. Touch [KEY SHIFT] on the Waveform screen. The Key Shift screen will appear.

  2. Touch [-] or [+] to adjust the key. Each press shifts the key up or down by a semitone.

  • Touch [RESET] to revert to the original key.


Touch Display

There are three key screens at your disposal when using the Touch Display:

  1. [SOURCE] screen: Press the source button to display the source selection screen. Here you will find all connected devices, including the device icon, device name, and device information.

  2. [BROWSE] screen: Press the [BROWSE], [TAG LIST], [PLAYLIST], or [SEARCH] button to display the browse screen (track list). You can browse the Rekordbox library on a storage device (SD, USB) or on a connected PC/Mac.

  3. [PLAYBACK] screen: otherwise known as the Waveform screen, which displays the number of beats for a loop, the enlarged waveform, beat countdown and more.

  • Use your fingertip to operate the Touch Display. Do not press it with excessive force.

  • Do not operate the touch display with hard and sharp-pointed objects such as a ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, or sharp fingernails.

Read full instructions for the Touch Display here.



Brand-New Processor Unit

This powerful unit enables many of the CDJ-3000’s new features, with industry-leading loading times and fine-tuned processing to achieve the best sound possible. Additionally, the new digital-to-analogue converter processes audio at 96 kHz/32-bit floating across every file format, meaning you’ll receive an upscaled audio output regardless of your music’s quality or format.


Hot Cues

You can quickly call up a Hot Cue point by pressing the [HOT CUE] (A to H) buttons to begin playback from that point in the track.


  • To set a Hot Cue:


Press one of the [HOT CUE] (A to H) buttons at the point where you want to set a Hot Cue


  • To start playback from a Hot Cue point:


    Press one of the [HOT CUE] (A to H) buttons that have a Hot Cue set


  • To delete a Hot Cue:


Press one of the [HOT CUE] (A to H) buttons while pressing the [CALL/DELETE] button


Read full instructions for Hot Cues here.


Redesigned Jogwheel

The jog wheel has been revamped to feel slicker than ever with a reduced touch latency, allowing effortless scratching and smooth pitch bending. The LCD screen in the centre displays playhead position and track artwork for a quick visual reminder of your loaded music.