For a guide on how to connect your laptop using CDJ2000NXS2's, please click here.

To play audio tracks stored on a PC or Mac laptop via Pioneer’s CDJ-3000, you will need to install the relevant driver software and bring your own USB cable:

  1.  Install the driver software applications on your computer — 2 for Windows users, 1 for Mac users as follows:

    1. Audio driver software (for Windows only)*

    2. Rekordbox (for Mac and Windows)

*Please note: you do not need to install this driver if you are using a Mac.

  1. Bring your own USB cable to connect to the CDJ-3000

    1. Determine which cable you will need for compatibility with your laptop by visiting Mac port support here and Windows USB-C support here. The CDJ-3000 USB port outputs USB Type B.

    2. Insert the USB cable into your laptop and the USB port in the rear panel of the CDJ-3000, as displayed below (Item 6).

From there, you will be able to access your audio tracks using the integrated Rekordbox functionality of the CDJ-3000. Press the [SOURCE] button, then your PC/Mac device to start browsing your music.


Additional information

You will be able to play your audio tracks on all of the CDJ-3000 units provided in our DJ studios via USB cable, by using the [LINK] functionality accessible in the left-hand side of the touch screen.


If a PC/Mac without the driver software installed is connected to the unit, errors may occur on the PC/Mac.