Visit this page for an overview of CAPTURE.AUDIO.


Will my studio let me record my mix?

Studios that have the CAPTURE.AUDIO service enabled (currently Bristol, Leeds, Tottenham and Hackney Wick) will include this label:

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 10.49.59.png


How does it work?    

Connect your phone to the studio by using your unique invite link, sent by SMS 10 minutes before your booking. We will record the output from the mixer, you just have to start and stop recording using your phone. Your recordings will be saved to the cloud for you to download later on from your Pirate account.


How do I get started?    

You will receive an SMS 10 minutes before your booking starts with a unique invite link. Connect to the Pirate Wifi and tap the link and you will be connected to the studio to start recording.



How can I tell if it's set up correctly?

Check the display on your phone to make sure you are connected to the studio you have booked. Check the waveform and VU meter to see that music played from the decks is being captured in the recording. If no audio is being detected, check the RCA cables are plugged into “REC-OUT” on the back of the mixer.

Correct setup, recording in progress:


How do I check recording levels?

Check the VU meter on your phone is not exceeding the orange bars on the loudest part of your mix. If there are red bars displaying on the VU meter whilst sound-checking or in the waveform whilst recording, the gain is set too high and you should turn down trim on relevant channels of the mixer.


Is it recording correctly?

The display on your phone will indicate when a recording is in progress. Check the waveform and VU meter to see that music played from the decks is being captured in the recording.


What happens if my phone runs out of battery, the screen locks, or I get a call?

If you start a recording, the system will keep on recording until you press stop or the booking ends, even if your phone runs out of battery. If your screen locks or you get a call, you can simply return to the recording screen in your browser and after a short while it will automatically reconnect so that you can control your recording session again.


Will this record onto my phone?

Recordings are not saved onto your phone. They are captured from the mixer and uploaded straight to the cloud.


Where do I access my recordings?

You will receive an email when your recordings are ready to download, typically within an hour of the end of the booking (up to 24 hours). Visit https://book.pirate.com/my/recordings to download your recordings.


How long are my recordings stored?

You have 60 days to download your recordings. After that, they will be permanently deleted.


It's not working, how do I get help?

Here is a quick article to troubleshoot all potential issues you may have.

Do you need more help with this?

  • You can contact us via WhatsApp or via Live chat, just tap the chat icon to connect. 
  • If you're in the USA you can also send us an SMS at +1 (866) 606-0065
  • Our support team is available 24/7.