“No booking found” notification is displayed, what does it mean?

The token in the invite link is invalid. This is likely because:

  • You need to be connected to the "Pirate Studios" Wifi network
  • Have you received a text with the link 10 minutes before the session? Is your phone number on the account correct?

  • Make sure to copy and paste the entire URL link into the web browser. Eg. https://00-00.studio.pirate.com/#0a00a0a0A 

  • Try another web browser, eg. Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Try both your phone and laptop
  • The link is for a past booking



When you're set, a grey button will prompt to "Connect to Studio" and it will show the studio number you are in.

"No audio detected" message is being displayed, what does it mean?

No audio is being detected from the mixer:

  • Check that the "REC-OUT" RCA cable is plugged into the back of the mixer

  • Check where the trim and Master volume knobs are set on the channels you are playing through on the mixer




“Too loud” notification is being displayed, what does it mean?

Trim and Volume knobs are set too high, causing distortion in the recording. Turn the trim down (grey TRIM knobs) on the mixer so that the VU meter does not exceed the orange zone.

Here's an example of gain exceeding optimal levels:



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