NOTE: since December 22nd 2022, OpenLIVE recordings can no longer be booked in any of our rehearsal studios.Any existing bookings scheduled up to January 31st 2023 will still proceed as normal. 

Here's a quick checklist to help troubleshoot the OpenLIVE box in your room:

Make sure the OpenLIVE banner is showing on the booking page ( on the icon of the room you're in.

Did you remember to enable your OpenLIVE session before attending the booking? You can only enable it before the booking itself starts.


After you've checked Steps 1 and 2 - is the screen on the unit off? Check that it's switched on at the back and plugged in at the mains. It may require you pulling the corner unit away from the wall slightly.


Is the screen showing a red message "Check Web Connection"? Locate the ethernet cable at its back (usually blue) and ensure that it's properly attached. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in. The on-screen message should now turn green.


If you're still seeing a red message or no power is going to the unit, please let us know on live chat at or WhatsApp, so we can report it to our site tech and IT team.