What to bring: 

  • Your own Laptop/Mac
  • Your own recording software (DAW), eg. Logic Pro X, Ableton etc.
  • A USB-C cable for the interface. 
  • Additionally, if a hub is required for your session, you will also need to supply this. Remember to never plug the interface into a USB hub, though - always connect it directly into your laptop. 

Before your session:

  1. Visit the Focusrite website to download the latest version of Focusrite Control.
  2. Click on Downloads.
  3. Select Interface model: Clarett 4Pre or Scarlett 18i8 and download the latest Focusrite Control software for either Mac or Windows. 
  4. Follow the installation procedures for Focusrite Control software (you may be asked to restart your computer).


I haven’t recorded anything or used any recording software before, is this room suitable for me?

As there isn’t anyone on-site to teach you how to use your computer and chosen software we highly recommend that you get yourself proficient before using our Recording studios. The setup is simple, so if you have been using your software (Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools etc.) at home, then you will easily learn how to use our studios.