Recording: How to reset the Focusrite interface Recording: How to reset the Focusrite interface

Recording: How to reset the Focusrite interface

A guide on how to reset the Focusrite interface 

Resetting the interface takes 3 minutes and it fixes most software side issues, including headphone, speaker and mic issues - here's how to do it.

  • If you haven't got it already, you will need the *latest version* of the Focusrite Control software. This step is crucial and without the latest version the interface will show "No Hardware Connected". 

    You can find the latest version here. Make sure to install the correct one (Mac or PC) for your device: Clarett 4 PRE USB or Scarlett 18i20.

  • Download and install
  • IMPORTANT! Restart your laptop after install 
  • Once restarted, close all other apps and leave open Focusrite Control only.
  • Click 'File' > 'Restore Factory Defaults' > OK - this will reset the interface to factory settings.
  • If prompted to choose a Preset, click off that window instead.
    Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.47.17.png

  • Make sure that your Audio Input and Output routing on your Mac/Windows audio settings and your DAW's audio settings are assigned to Clarett 4 Pre USB.
    FL Studio and Windows users: Select 'FOCUSRITE USB ASIO' as your audio driver. FL Studio set up can be found here.



  • Reset the interface every session to cancel any previous routings.
  • Check the 3 green lights are on when your laptop is plugged into the interface. If the USB light isn’t on, chances are you’ve got the wrong USB cable plugged in.
  • Ensure the yellow speaker cables are plugged into LINE OUTPUTS 1-2 at the back of the interface. If they're in LINE OUTPUTS 3-4 (easily done) then the interface ignores the master volume control and sends out audio at max gain, bad for ears and gear!
  • You can watch a Focusrite Control 1-minute quick tour here.


If you open Focusrite Control and it shows No Hardware Detected please read this guide. If all of the above doesn't help, please double-check all steps shown in this guide.

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