Recording: Mic/Audio cutting out or glitching Recording: Mic/Audio cutting out or glitching

Recording: Mic/Audio cutting out or glitching

This issue depends on the specific combination between your laptop OS, your DAW version (cracked software alert!) and the Focusrite Control version.

For this reason, at the moment, there is no one-shot solution to fix it. However, one or more of the following steps will generally work:


  1. Connect the mic straight into the interface, bypassing any wall sockets. Connect the interface directly into your laptop - never use USB hubs for it. Try another USB port on your laptop. Try another XLR cable if needed.

  2. Open your DAW's audio preferences (Eg. Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio > Device), and set the Buffer Size as follows:
    • When recording: lowest value possible without glitches, 128 or 256 usually;
    • To mix/produce: highest value possible without glitches, 1024 usually;
  3. Logic Pro X users only - Audio glitches are caused by CPU overload. On top of changing buffer size as shown in step 2, this Apple guide shows all other possibilities you can try 

  4. Make sure you have the latest version of Focusrite control installed (top left corner of the FC app). Here you can download the latest version
    Close all apps and only leave Focusrite Control open. Click on File > Restore Factory Defaults > OK.

  5. Open Task manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac). Find the process labeled "FocusriteControlServer" and quit/end process. It will automatically reset. In some cases, it may prompt you to update your firmware. Once done, the issue should disappear.


If after trying all these steps you cannot get it to work, please send us a video of the stuttering track on WhatsApp +447596187954 or head to and tap the chat icon to connect and we will help you find another solution.