Setting up Studio 20 at London's Earlsfield studio can be tricky, so we've prepared a step by step guide.


This interface does not have a USB-C cable port. Customers will need to have a USB-A port, or have an adaptor to use the interface.


How to:

  1. Ensure Samson Powerstrip is turned on (to the left of the interface) as this will power on the speakers.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your laptop and make sure Focusrite USB Audio is selected in your sound preferences.
  3. When recording vocals, plug the microphone into input 3 in the live room. Input 1 + 2 should be taped off already. The back of the interface in the control room will need to align with the input in live room, so please plug into input 3.
  4. Open your DAW of choice, create one audio track and select the correct input for your mic (1 or 2).
  5. Turn on Input Monitoring within your DAW as this will allow you to hear the incoming signal from the mic.
  6. Active phantom power (48V) on the front of the interface for your selected input
  7. Plug the artist's headphones into input C, this feeds into the second headphone input on the front of the interface via the Blue VDC Cable.
  8. Get your artist to test the mic while you increase the gain on the front of the interface until it’s peaking at an optimal level.