Headphones Set-Up


1. There will be a cable coming from the 2nd headphone output on the Focusrite Interface.


2. This cable needs to be routed into the 'DIRECT INPUT' port on the 'Headphone Amp 1' section on the back of the Behringer Headphone Amp. 




3. Behind the desk, there will be a 'snake' of cables that go into the wall, and these will be numbered. The number on the cable corresponds with the port on the patch bay box in the Live room. As you can see from the photo above, there is a cable inserted in the 'PHONES OUTPUT' port. This should currently be set up - however, if it has for whatever reason been unplugged, then you need to plug cable number '17' (pictured below) into this port.



4. This cable feeds through the 'snake' through the wall of the control room and into the Live room. Inside the live room, there is a patch bay box with numbered ports. The headphones in the Live room will need to be plugged into Port 17 (currently labeled HP OUT).



5. The volume of the Live room headphones can be controlled using the volume dial on the front of the Behringer Headphone Amp, currently labeled 'HP OUT 1'. You can also use the headphone volume dial on the front of the Focusrite Interface. 




Mic Set-Up


1. In the Live room, the XLR cable from the mic needs to be plugged into Port 14 on the patch bay box.


2. In the control room, there will be a 'snake' of cables coming through the wall behind the desk, with numbered cables. 


3. Currently, the cable numbered '14' should be plugged into Input 2 on the Focusrite Interface (pictured above). If this is not the case, you just need to make sure that the number on the cable plugged into the Focusrite Interface matches the port that the mic is plugged into in the Live room.