Please make sure to have tracks playing on both CDJs first. If you have no sound coming out of the speakers:

  1. Check the speakers are powered on - they should have LED lights on the front of them. There is a switch on the back of the speaker itself, as well as one on the socket at the wall.

  2. Check the channels of the DJM.  There is a mode selection dial at the top of each channel. Select LINE if using a USB stick. If using a laptop, select A or B depending on which port (A or B) your 3rd USB cable from your laptop goes into on the DJM.  If you're in our Leeds location, please set all dials to DIGITAL instead.


  3. Check the CDJs are routed into the Line In ports on the back of the DJM - there should be a red and white RCA cable going from the Audio Out ports on the CDJ to the Line In ports on the back of the DJM.
    If you're in Leeds, make sure there are two single RCA pins coming from both CDJ that are connected to two DIGITAL inputs, in the bottom right part of the back of the DJM, eg. DIGITAL CH 1 and DIGITAL CH2.

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If you are hearing distortion, please turn down the TRIM knob on each channel, making sure the channels' LED aren't turning red - they should stay green. If that's too low in volume, turn up the MASTER volume knob instead. It's the one to the right of channel 4.
If you are experiencing distortion and you are playing from your laptop (ie. via Serato, Rekordbox or Traktor) it's most likely that the Master output volume on your software is too loud. Find the Master volume knob on your software (eg. in Traktor is at the top of the window) and turn it down until you hear no more distortion. Make sure to double check the DJM's grey TRIM knobs and its MASTER volume knob too - they should all light up green LEDs only.



Is your mixer an Allen & Heath Xone 96?
Here's a check list for you, if this is the mixer in your room.


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