A few of our PRO DJ rooms will be equipped with an Allen & Heath Xone 96 mixer rather than a Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2. Despite it may look a bit intimidatory, it works pretty much the same way as the DJM.


WARNING: If you're planning on using Capture Audio and a vocal microphone, the microphone will not be record onto the mix. 


Please follow these steps to set the correct signal chain for the Xone 96 mixer:

  1. Make sure there is a power cable inserted and the power switch has been engaged.  Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.14.23.png
  2. Check that the speaker XLR cables are plugged into the ports in the image below.  Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.14.54.png
  3. Next, check that the RCA cable from each CDJ is plugged into the Line ports of one of the available channels on the back of the mixer.Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.13.15.png
  4. Make sure the selection dials are all set to LN (Line) mode, as the CDJs are routed into the Line ports. The (input) Gain dials will also need to be turned up.

  5. Set the EQ section flat, with each dial pointing towards the 12 o'clock position.  Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.25.21.png
  6. Toggle the Filter Assign and X-Fade Assign switches to the off (central) position, and set the crossfader to the central position.
    Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.31.40.png  Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.26.02.png
  7. Lastly, Turn the channel volume faders up, and check the speakers are powered on (they should have a LED light on the front to indicate they are switched on). You should be good to go!  Screenshot_2022-06-13_at_15.21.23.png

How can I enable cue playback from multiple tracks at the same time?
You will need to hold press both these buttons.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 12.52.50.png

You can now cue more than one channel at the same time. Hold press them again to disable this feature.


If you're still having issues with the set up of this equipment, please read through the Allen & Heath Xone96 Mixer guide here - https://www.allenheath.com/media/AP11255_XONE_96_QSG_Web_060618.pdf

You can also check out a list of videos on this mixer HERE.

Do you need more help with this?

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