Recording Lite — Set Up and FAQs Recording Lite — Set Up and FAQs

Recording Lite — Set Up and FAQs

How do I connect the midi to the interface?
Connect the MiniLab MkII keyboard to your computer, or to the interface to use via your phone.

How many headphone jacks are there?
There's one input on the Minifuse 1 — these are for the headphones in the booth.

How do I power the midi and the interface?
The midi and interface are powered by USB connection, so all you have to do is connect a USB cable from the MiniLab MkII keyboard or to your computer OR to the interface when using a phone.

My laptop is alerting me that the devices are drawing too much power.
Simply unplug the Midi Keyboard USB cable from the back of the interface and plug in again.

Do I have to install a driver in Recording Lite?
No. The driver will be automatically installed when you connect MiniLab MkII or the Minifuse to your computer.

Can I use Recording Lite without a laptop?
No laptop, no problem. You can use a smartphone. You can connect with an Apple Lightning cable (please bring one of these with you as we don’t supply them) or USB-C cable. If you have an iPhone, Garageband (FREE) works for recording your input. Likewise, n-Track (FREE, with a paid version available) also allows you to plug and play straight from your Android device or iPhone. We have also tested Bandlab on Android or iOS.


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