Feeling the flow and just can't stop? No problem. You can extend your session by booking more time through the Pirate website as long as the studio is available. 


How Do I Extend My Booking?

To extend your booking, follow these steps:

  1. New Online Booking: Make a new booking for the additional time online through our platform.

  2. Check the room number: If you wish to stay in the same room, ensure you book the same room online when extending your booking.

  3. Cancellation and Rebooking: If the booking is over 4 hours away, you can cancel your existing booking and re-book the entire session. Upon cancellation, you'll instantly receive a full credit refund to re-book with. 

I'm Trying to Extend My Booking But I Can't Find Anything Available

Common issues and their solutions when extending bookings include:

  1. Date Adjustment: Ensure you change the date correctly, especially after midnight, to find availability for the extended period.

  2. Curfews Impacting Availability: Pirate Studios has specific curfews in place that might affect availability. If you can't find availability after a certain time in any rooms, it's likely we have a curfew in place. 

  3. No Availability: The website is always but to date with the latest availability - if there is nothing available and you have checked the date, time etc. is correct then unfortunately you cannot extend at this time.