How does Pirate studios work? How does Pirate studios work?

How does Pirate studios work?

Welcome to Pirate Studios: Your Self-Service Studio Experience

Welcome aboard! At Pirate Studios, we've made it simple for you to access our studio spaces and unleash your creativity. Here's how it all works:

Creating Your Account and Verification:

  • Start by creating your account with us. Once that's done, we'll need you to verify your ID to ensure smooth and secure bookings.

Booking Your Studio Space:

  • Now, it's time to book your preferred studio space. Navigate through our online platform and choose the studio and time that suits you best.

Access Codes at Your Fingertips:

  • Once your booking is confirmed, you'll receive exclusive access codes. These codes are your keys, granting entry through our front door and into the specific room you've booked.

Self-Service Setup:

  • You're in charge! As a self-service space, it's all about your setup. Bring your gear, set it up the way you like, and dive right into your session. There won't be anyone on-site to assist, but we've got you covered.

We've Got Your Back 24/7:

  • Need assistance? We've got a 24-hour support team ready for you. Reach out to us anytime via live chat on or drop us a message on WhatsApp at +447446669061.