Need help finding an available slot? Need help finding an available slot?

Need help finding an available slot?

The website is up to date with the latest availability, we don't keep rooms back for those who ask! If you're having trouble finding an available slot, here's what might be happening and how you can solve it:

What Might Be Going Wrong:

1. Checking the Wrong Date/Time or Place:

  • Problem: Sometimes, it happens! You might be looking at the wrong date, time, or studio location.
  • Fix: Double-check that you've got the right date, time, and studio location selected.

2. Forgot to Update After Midnight:

  • Problem: You are looking to book after midnight
  • Fix: Don't forget to change the date after midnight to see the updated availability for the early hours.

3. Studio Closures:

  • Problem: Some time slots might not be available due temporary closures.
  • Fix: Sometimes a room will not be available for weeks in advance - this usually means the room has been closed temporarily until an issue is resolved, sit tight or check an alternative room/location!

4. Curfews

  • Problem: Some time slots over night may be showing as unavailable
  • Fix: Some of our locations have curfews in place, particularly those that are in close proximity to residential areas, check for an alternative time or location!

How to Find Availability:

  1. Go Online: Visit the Pirate Studios website.
  2. Pick Place and Date: Choose where and when you want to book.
  3. Look for Slots: Check out the available slots for that place and date.
  4. Watch for Limitations: Remember, some slots might be unavailable due to curfews.