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Our Site Managers do their best to make sure any faulty or broken equipment is replaced, but sometimes faults are missed or things are broken by the person using the room before you. 

If you notice an equipment fault or something isn’t working as it should, take the following steps so we can get you set up in a new room. Try to contact us within the first 20 minutes of your session (or as soon as you notice an issue) so that we’ve got enough time to help. 

Step 1: Contact Artist Support and let them know about the issue you’re experiencing – they’re available 24/7. Visit this page to choose your preferred method of contact (we recommend using Whatsapp). 

Step 2: If you’re using Whatsapp or Live chat to contact Artist Support, try sending a photo or video of the issue you’re experiencing to speed up the process of getting things fixed. 

Step 3: Artist Support will either talk you through how to fix the issue or they’ll move you into a new studio. If your session is impacted by the fault, our Artist Support team will supply your account with some studio credit. 

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