Using your Booking ID with our Chatbot

When you reach out to PIRATE.COM, you'll be greeted by our AI Assistant, Kendall! 
Kendall is still learning, but in order for them to help you get info about your booking, or troubleshooting equipment problems, they will need your booking ID. 

Your Booking ID looks like this ⬇️ and is 8 digits long. 

When you enter your Booking ID, ensure that you only enter the 8 numbers - Kendall might struggle to understand if you say something like "my Booking ID is" or "here is my Booking ID".



Where do I find my Booking ID? 

You can find your booking ID, by clicking on 'My Account' in the top left hand corner of the page. If you're in a live session, your booking info and Booking ID will be immediately visible on the page, as above. 

If you are enquiring about a previous session, click on 'My Bookings', choose the session you wish to discuss, and once you have selected the session, you will be presented with the relevant booking ID!