If you’re an existing Pirate member, refer-a-friend and you’ll be rewarded with free studio credit. Please read the full terms and conditions here.

How to share your referral code

  • Copy your unique referral code from your account dashboard
  • Share your code with your friend (not a direct family member)
  • When they sign up, they’ll need to enter your code on the form (see our guide here)
  • Sit back and enjoy the knowledge that you’re sharing the love
  • You'll get the bonus once they've verified their ID and made their first booking

When can I start referring my friends to Pirate?

As soon as you have activated your account you can get your unique code and start referring.

When do I get my free credit?

Once your friend submits their ID via OnFido and finishes setting up their account, the studio credit will be added to their balance. When they make their first booking, we’ll also credit your account with the same amount.

I didn’t receive the credit I was expecting. 

We regularly change the credit you receive for sharing Pirate with your friends. Occasionally certain studios or locations will have different rewards.

Why have you changed the value of refer-a-friend credit?

We often change the reward we give for refer-a-friend — it goes both up and down. We like to experiment with different sorts of promotions and giveaways to deliver our artists the best value.

Why can't I refer my direct family members?

While your brother/sister/mother/father/grandparent is more than welcome to sign-up, we ask that codes are not used by direct relatives; we've found that quite often Nan never uses her credit! This policy helps us to keep things fair for all.

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